This is the sort of place Guy Fieri would smother in wild compliments. I went in not expecting much, but as soon as I walked through the door I fell for the place.

The Super Hot Dog

Super Sausage Cafe is a proper no nonsense bikers cafe and it’s only a short drive from Silverstone. My brother and I made the fantastic decision to order the super hot dog and the spicy chilli, both were as delicious as they were big (and they were big). Matt had the brilliant idea to pour the chilli over the hot dog and create a behemoth of a chilli dog. Twinned with a lovely mug of strong tea and a row of beautiful bikes lined up behind us, this was hands down one of the best lunches I’ve had for ages.

Homemade spicy chilli

If you are after a poached quails egg on gluten free rye bread, The Super Sausage isn’t for you, but if like me, you are after a big hearty meal that tastes great and fills you up, the sausage is the place to be.

The man, the legend.

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  1. Sounds ace. Told the other half we are visiting on our next trip to Silverstone (as long as they allow a vintage car in amongst the bikes!)

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