Sunday morning in my Dad’s house always starts with ‘Who wants an egg?’

Everything I have ever learned about eggs has come from my old man and there a two things that can make or break the perfect poached egg, freshness and timing.

  1. Why does it matter if the egg is fresh?

The older the egg, the more air gets in to the shell and the looser the white gets. The looser the white, the more chance of it all falling apart in the pan and the more chance you’ll end up with a little old poached yolk all by it’s lonesome.

An easy way to test the freshness of an egg is the water test. If it sinks, there isn’t much air in there and it’s good to poach, if it floats the shell is full of air and it’s a no go.

egg test

2. How long should I poach it for?

Three minutes in a simmering pan is the sweet spot for a runny yolk and a firm white (for a medium hen egg). It also happens to be the amount of time it takes my Dad’s toaster to work.



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