I can in no part take any credit what so ever for this recipe. It comes courtesy of the effervescent domestic goddess Alice Brady. This was a firm family favourite in her house growing up and is a delicious high-energy way to start a day. It’s dead quick, cheap and easy to knock up in the morning before work or equally as lovely to take your time over on a slow Sunday morning.

eggy bread 2


2 fresh free-range eggs (fresher the better)

2 slices of fluffy white bread (we always use tiger bread)

2 pinches of freshly cut chives

Salt and pepper to taste


Crack the eggs into a large flat bowl and beat until smooth. Add in a pinch of fresh chives and a pinch of salt and pepper. Next, place both slices of bread in the egg mix and turn them until the egg has soaked all the way through the bread.

While the bread is soaking add a glug of oil to a frying pan and heat it through.  Transfer the bread to the pan and fry on high for a couple of minutes on each side until the bread has started to go golden brown and crispy. Slide them onto a plate and sprinkle over an extra pinch of fresh chives.

I like to serve this with crème fraiche, blueberries and honey but they taste great by themselves too.

eggy bread

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