One of my best buds in the whole world moved to York recently. I went up to go hang out with her a few weeks ago and fell in love with this place. One of the highlights of our stay in the city was lunch at the house of trembling madness. Don’t let the name put you off, this is a must see for any visit to the city.

photo by @smart_patrol

The place

From the street, the unassuming house looks no different to any other shop on the narrow cobbled street, but as you enter through the door you are met by an Aladdin’s cave of beer, which I got far too excited about. The place was packed full of rare Belgian beers and Ales from dozens of local breweries that I had never heard of. Once I managed to drag myself away from the beer we headed upstairs and discovered a room packed full of obscure taxidermy and twisting oak. It felt like we had walked onto the set of Game of Thrones, it was great.

photo by @libbykatie

The food

I confidently ordered the ‘Madness Platter’ which would probably have even left the hound with leftovers. The meat was great, the chutney was tart and the cheese creamy, I chased it down with an espresso stout served in a proper tankard and everything. After finishing our food we popped down to the cellar which continued on the Aladdin’s cave theme but this time with spirits, It took me a while to get over the sparkle of the whiskey cabinet.

photo by @jayumdimsum

Honestly, if you want a perfectly manicured entrée with the white wine to match I’d go somewhere else (Like Lucia’s). But if you want a proper northern lunch to ready you for a day of walking around a proper historic northern city (and you will need a big walk after taking on their portions) there is nowhere better. We’ll definitely be going back.

photo by @abbiemarshall96

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