Just to start off I want to make it clear this recipe is in no way mine.

It actually comes courtesy of the lovely people over at Cabana.

They hooked me up with a top notch meal at their new Brixton branch a couple of weeks ago and the food was great. I seriously recommend the rice balls to start and the Nutella doughnuts to finish.


Their chicken is also pretty top notch. The original full recipe can be found below.

I didn’t have access to a big old fancy restaurant grill so i roasted these bad boys in the oven which still worked well but i’m 100% going to try it again on a bbq during the summer.

Served it up with a big old bowl of my home baked sweet potato fries too.


Even though the ingredient list is a bit intimidating this is actually a brilliantly simple recipe and definitely worth trying at home.

A big thanks to the team at Cabana for a great evening and some really top notch recipes. Get your hands on their book here.



  1. That looks so good!!! Thanks for sharing

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