This one took inspiration from the one and only Nathan Outlaw. I was lucky enough to experience one of the big-man’s long table feasts at Somersault festival last summer. He served fish kebabs for his appetizer and it was hands down one the best starters  I have ever eaten.

I like to serve the skewers doused in salsa with extra lime juice and coriander sprinkled on top but if you’re not as obsessed with spice as I am, a fresh aioli would also go down a treat with these bad boys.

What I Used

  • 2 cod fillets, chopped into chunky chunks
  • 2 calamari sliced into rings
  • Half a pack of fresh prawns
  • One lemon -thinly sliced
  • A pack of skewers


What I Did

I started off by spending a good hour trying to light the coals on my Dad’s BBQ before I ended up getting someone else to do it.

Once we finally had fire, I got on with prepping the fish.

I threaded the cod chunks, squid and prawns onto the skewers making sure to not put two pieces of cod together as they are likely to stick. I then popped a slice of lemon on the top to add flavour (and to make it look pretty).

When the BBQ was hot enough (a good test is to see if the coals sizzle when splashed with a drop of water), I laid the skewers on the grill, pressing lightly.

For the next few minutes I constantly turned the kebabs to stop the fish sticking to the grill and ever so often drizzled some lemon juice over the top.

As soon as the fish began to crisp up and the prawns turned pink (only takes a couple of minutes on a hot grill) they were ready to eat.

I like my fish very rare but if you like well-cooked fish, a couple more minutes won’t hurt.

Once cooked, put in face immediately and enjoy.


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