Scrambling an egg is probably one of the first things any of us learn to cook when we’re young. On paper it’s one of the easiest kitchen skills in the world. It’s also one of the easiest to get wrong.

My old man taught me to follow these 5 steps and i’ve never looked back. Stick to these and you’re eggs will be silky, smooth and creamy every time!


5 Steps to Superb Scrambled Eggs

1. Lots of butter

Start off by melting a big old knob of butter in a wide flat pan on a really low heat. No one ever adds enough butter to their eggs.

2. Well Beaten eggs

Next, crack the eggs into a separate bowl and beat them until smooth and slightly foamy (usually takes a good couple of minutes).

3. Low and slow

Once the butter has just started to go white (as the milk is released) pour the eggs in and stir well to combine and let the heat do it’s magic. Let them cook slowly on the lowest possible heat, stirring ever so often just to make sure they don’t stick.

4. Take Them Off Early

Take them off the heat before they are fully cooked, they should be slightly too runny as they will start to harden up as soon as they cool down.

5. Season Well

This one is always to your taste preference but no scrambled egg is complete without a good sprinkling of salt & pepper. Chilli flakes and chives also go down well a treat!



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  2. Perfectly written. Try using a little bit half and half to the egg mixture and adding dill. Had them like that at a bed and breakfast once and they were wonderful. Have a great day😊

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