Each week a new ingredient to help add some colour to the kitchen.


We’re all a little guilty of empty fridge syndrome.

That moment when you open a half full fridge and stare longingly into the back with no clue what to do with any of its contents.

Everyone has a few of those ingredients that you buy for one recipe at the weekend only to let it sit there all week wilting into an inevitable squishy mess.

I’m going to be taking on one of these ingredients a week, cooking five colourful recipes with each.

There’ll be a mix of original ideas and recipes from some of the brilliant chefs I look up to and admire.

Hopefully, I’ll save a bit of money, lose a little weight and waste a little less along the way.

I’ve set myself 3 simple rules to help keep me on track:

  •      Feed 4 big bellies for less than £10
  •      Uses easy to find ingredients
  •      Do as little washing up as possible

You can follow along on Instagram @colouringcook and at jjsdiner.co where I’ll be uploading a new recipe each day.

I want to get as many people involved as possible, so please let me know if you have that one ingredients you want me to take on, or even better, pop over for tea.